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Novel is the easiest way for small and medium enterprises to manage their R&D projects and prepare their HMRC R&D tax relief claims. Use our smart forms to accurately apportion your work, seamlessly integrate with your payroll provider, record your company’s current research activities, search past project information at any time and follow along with our tutorials to create clear and compliant claims. Let’s show you around?
Getting started
What to expect when you first sign up?
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Research and development tax relief is claimed via a company's corporation tax (CT) return. For this reason, when you first sign up the system will prompt you to add an organisation through our Companies House integration.

The Task section
Find out what you need to do next
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Haven’t done an R&D tax relief claim before? Then head to the Task section. There is a lot of important information that needs to be included and we recognise that knowing which details are crucial can sometimes feel overwhelming, the Task section is your guide through this. To learn more about the area, read our blog here.

Projects area
Build your narrative with projects and activities
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The work you do is unique (otherwise it wouldn’t qualify for the tax relief, right?) so we aim to highlight that to HMRC. The technical narrative of your R&D claim gets generated when you begin adding Projects and Activities to your claim periods. Built-in eligibility checkers, tutorials and guiding questions will help gauge and guide you to ensure that you are putting in relevant information.

Financial area
Add some numbers to your claim
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Often the scary part of writing an R&D tax relief claim is the financial information. The forms are specifically coded to automatically apportion your financial information to meet HMRC requirements and reduce the risk of mistakes.

Alternatively, if you prefer that your accountant does this part, just add them as a Financial User. To learn more about collaborating and user privileges, read our guide here.

Finalise your claim
When you're happy with your report, click download
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We don’t do hidden fees or charge anything on the benefit. This means that you don’t need to pay anything to download your report, giving you maximum flexibility to add and reiterate the information as many times as necessary. Once you’re happy with the report, you can finalise and download it. Now you have a professional R&D tax relief report ready to be added to your Corporation Tax return/amendment for HMRC.

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