A complete solution for your R&D tax relief claims

Novel is the easiest way for accountants and R&D consultants to manage their R&D projects and prepare their HMRC R&D tax relief claims. Sign up today and discover how our streamlined processes, collaborative features, data insights, and user-friendly interface can transform the way you handle claims. Let’s show you around?

Getting started

What to expect when you first sign up
Research and development tax relief is claimed via a company's corporation tax (CT) return. For this reason, when you first sign up the system will prompt you to add an organisation through our Companies House integration.

The Tasks section

Find out how to navigate the platform
The Tasks section is a great second place to visit as it will give you an understanding of how the platform is laid out and where to find the different components that are crucial to making a compliant claim.

The Project section

Adding Projects and Activities to a claim
The technical narrative component of an R&D claim gets generated when you begin adding Projects and Activities to the various claim periods. If a project or an activity spans more than one claim period, Novel will automatically add it to the relevant claim periods.

The Financial section

Adding numbers and utilising the built-in calculators
Novel's financial section has built-in calculators that will automatically add or apportion the provided information to adhere to the relevant HMRC requirements. You are also able to either import financial data through a CSV or connect to our Xero API to quickly add financial data.

Download the report

Finalise your claim and click download

You have full control and flexibility when it comes to generating and downloading a claim report. When you are ready, download the R&D tax relief report and add it to your client's Corporation Tax return/amendment. Novel does not directly send anything to HMRC.