R&D tax relief claims. Simplified.

Track your research and development projects and complete your R&D tax relief claims, all in one place. Say goodbye to forgetting your tasks or crunching numbers on tax calculators – Novel does it for you and helps you make stronger R&D tax relief claims.

novel R&D tax relief software

Create professional claims at a price you can afford using
R&D tax relief software

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, we want R&D tax reliefs to be accessible. It’s like having an R&D tax relief consultant, without the fees. Also, we don’t charge on a percentage basis. Instead, we have an easy subscription pricing model with the first 3 months free.

Write compelling R&D tax relief claims without getting lost in the legislation

Novel helps generate R&D tax relief claims without the complexity, quickly and efficiently in-house.

Question by question Novel takes a deep dive into your project, its purpose, risks and merits to produce thoughtful answers that are grounded in real world experience. Our one question at a time system means you won’t get overwhelmed with too many questions and if you need reassurance or have any other questions we’ll show up when needed to help where we can.

Search for your company
and start recording your R&D right away

Sign up, add your company and begin exploring

Want to start right away or browse around to see what R&D tax relief claims look like? With Novel, you are able to search for your organisation and immediately start recording your research and development work in real time.

Record, collaborate and make stronger claims

As you go about your day, record the different activities that contribute to a project. Collaborate with multiple users on various tasks and add subcontractors when needed. Maximise your R&D tax relief claims one click at a time.

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Built-in video library brings questions to life

Built with the utmost care, the team behind it are R&D tax relief specialists who built Novel to ensure that HMRC requirements are met. With the built in video libraries and educational content, you get a true sense of what to expect when going through the process of creating your R&D tax relief claim.  

See whether your company qualifies for R&D tax relief

The R&D tax relief scheme is remarkably inclusive and companies in any sector can be eligible, but HMRC has specific guidelines on what activities qualify for relief.

And when you need us, we are just one click away

Novel was created and developed by R&D tax relief consultants with decades of experience. So whether it’s a question about the software, the process, or you just want a second opinion on your claim before sending it over to HMRC,  we are only a click away.