Supporting Innovation

We are not your average R&D tax

Find out for yourself

We breathe innovation.

At Novel, we balance between the attention to detail and number crunching of an accountant, with our passion for anything new, unusual and innovative. To embody this philosophy we even named our company Novel.

Here to support SMEs.

We believe governments all over the world should support innovation. Currently, in the UK the support is available through the R&D tax scheme but it’s difficult to get hold of, so we help.

We are on a quest to spread awareness about the R&D tax scheme so SMEs all over the UK can get funding to pursue their research. We know that to some businesses finding out about the R&D tax credit scheme was the difference between going bankrupt and continuing their work or even starting to make money. To others it was more psychological, it acted as the earliest sense of recognition for their work. 


We understand that undertaking R&D work is like getting onto a roller coaster during a rainstorm. You are excited for the ride, but you know that by the time you’re done, you’ll be struggling a little bit from being rained on. Let us ease some of your stress and offer support, where we can.


Not your average R&D tax relief advisor.

Innovation is at the heart of R&D work, so why do all R&D specialists online look and sound the same? We didn’t just strive to be different, we are different. 

So we set out to innovate and disrupt the market ourselves by doing our own R&D, and developing our own technology solutions, which will be available soon! We’ve been both the advisor and the claimant  of the R&D tax credit scheme, which gave us a very intimate understanding of how all of this works, where we can claim more or push a little harder.

Our goal now is to support SMEs in doing the same by offering them the most value with the smallest amount of risk by not taking any payment until you receive your tax benefit. When you win, we win. Simple.