Revolutionise the way you manage R&D tax relief claims

Novel is an R&D tax relief management platform that helps consultants and accountants improve their workflows, enhance team collaboration and manage their time more efficiently.

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Plug efficiency gaps and focus

on the work that matters

Streamline your R&D tax relief claims by completing all the necessary tasks in one place.

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Avoid unnecessary manual data entries and reduce errors through app integrations and automated prompts designed to monitor compliance.

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Keep the claim up-to-date and always work on the latest information with real-time updates, audit trails and auto-sync features.

Novel, R&D tax relief tracks last edits and contributions to your claims

Reduce the need for endless back and forth email threads, messages and word documents by managing all your content within Novel.

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A modern way of preparing claims

Reliable software for statutory accounts and corporation tax returns is widely used within the accounting world. However, when it comes to completing R&D tax relief claims, many advisors settle for Word and Excel. With increased regulation, scrutiny and filing requirements, complement your service with a platform that validates reports, monitors compliance and boosts productivity.

Offering visual timelines and a seamless user experience, Novel aims to transform your process of completing technical and financial narratives into an engaging journey. With an intuitive interface that provides clarity and transparency, you will have full visibility into every aspect of the claim.

Work better together with the only

software that prioritises collaboration

Set up your practice on the platform, add multiple users and easily collaborate on R&D tax relief claims across your team. Need certain privacy level controls? Not a problem. Use Novel to tailor the permissions of your team.
Add multiple users to Novel for your R&D tax relief claims, research and development tax relief
With a bird's eye view of everything that must be included in an R&D claim, coordinate and distribute tasks, and effortlessly monitor your teams priorities and deadlines so you don't miss out anything important.
Novels integrations provide unique portfolio level visibility to optimise your research and development tax relief claims

Portfolio and team-level visibility

for informed decision-making

Novel's specifically developed practice-level view offers greater team-level visibility and provides you with a broader perspective on your R&D tax relief claims across multiple clients. Minimise bottlenecks, boost productivity and make data-driven decisions to hit your KPI targets and forecast future earnings.

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