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Research and development – What is it, and how can it benefit you?

Research and development, or R&D for short, is the field of the advancement of knowledge that a private or public sector organisation may undertake, in order to develop or create new products, processes or services, or to improve upon those already offered. In other words, R&D, as a concept, represents...

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research and development, technologies

R&D in focus: Five new technologies coming of age this decade

What fuels research and development (R&D)? Innovation! The sheer act of looking for something new stems from trying to do something better or fix a current problem, what other reason would there be to develop anything new or do any further research? We’ve written an article below of five new...

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What costs qualify for SME R&D tax relief?

For a business to successfully claim R&D tax relief benefits, it needs to understand what are the qualifying costs. HMRC has a specific guideline of the type of costs that are eligible and not eligible for the R&D tax credit. Depending on whether a company is loss-making or profitable, a...

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