Simple R&D tax relief pricing that works at any scale

You are serious about your R&D. We are serious too.

We’ve collectively spent the last decade working on R&D tax claims and we have codified our knowledge into software. Novel was created to help businesses support and sustain their operations by claiming R&D tax relief.

Why use Novel for your R&D tax relief claims?

Making R&D tax relief claims stronger and more accessible

 To understand the benefit of using Novel and what you can expect to receive from it, you must understand the traditional pricing model of most R&D tax advisors and how claims are generally done.

Novel - R&D tax relief software

You don't have to be an R&D tax pro to produce HMRC compliant reports and claim back your R&D costs

Learn, follow along,  record and produce supporting documents all in one place

Learn and follow along

Each section in Novel has education pieces that help guide you along and also provide the structure required to extract the right amount of information without feeling like an interrogation. We've done our best to ensure you don't get lost in industry jargon but actually understand what you're doing.

Track and record

To help produce supporting documents and the best narrative for HMRC, we've also developed a way for you to track all the different stages of your R&D project. You can also invite collaborators, including your accountant, to help add any additional information from inside the app.

Innovative financial input system

Although Novel teaches you what the qualifying R&D costs are, not all costs are treated the same. For example, how salaried staff costs and subcontractor costs are dealt with very differently. Novel has an innovative financial input system that automatically apportions your costs to meet HMRC requirements.

Once you’ve entered all of your information, Novel will generate the Technical and Financial reports for you to submit to HMRC alongside your Corporation Tax Return (CT600). You can regenerate your reports as many times as you like until you’re completely happy with the result.

The best way to understand Novel is to try it!

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