Introducing Novel

Produce Compliant
R&D Tax Relief Claims Together.

Novel is a software platform for accountants and businesses that want to learn, track, collaborate and produce compliant R&D tax relief claims.

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The only R&D tax relief software that prioritises teamwork

Focusing on bringing awareness and accessibility to the scheme through automation, we fundamentally believe that intuitive software that supports collaboration, combined with an accountant’s specialist knowledge, will underpin the majority of R&D claims in the future.

Built-in video & resources

From educational texts to videos and in-app support,  you will learn what is required for a compliant claim.

Built-in claim checker

Alongside educational components, built-in claim checkers and R&D rankers will ensure you are producing correct claims.

Built-in tax calculators

The financial information you add will be automatically apportioned within Novel to meet the relevant HMRC requirements.

Making your R&D tax relief writing process simpler and more efficient, without compromising quality

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Novel gives you options to tailor your R&D tax relief service

By championing collaboration and offering different user profiles, accountants can continue to grow their business while now choosing to either do the R&D tax relief claim on behalf of their client or, instead, focus only on the financial narrative.

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Because R&D clients are not made equal

The types of R&D that occur are as diverse as the number of companies undertaking them. Novel is the perfect solution for accountants who want to offer their clients a tailored R&D tax relief service. We offer different user profiles so you can choose the level of service that’s right for you and your client. Whether you want to take care of everything or just help with the financial components while your client does the rest, Novel will make sure to fit seamlessly into your workflow

Designed for financial inclusion, transparency and education

Grow and optimise your in-house R&D tax relief service

With Novel, be part of your clients R&D tax relief claim with no middle-man

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Referring your clients to a third-party research and development service is missed revenue and can be risky. Whether you are already offering R&D tax relief as a service or have yet to build one, Novel will help you retain control of your client relationship and retain the revenue without compromising on the quality of your service

We want to partner with accountants to give every forward-thinking and innovative SME the ability to make quality R&D claims with the same people they trust such a crucial part of their business, money. R&D goes to the heart of a business’ activities and you will learn more about your clients’ businesses – which will strengthen the relationship and may open up opportunities elsewhere.

We put our money where our mouth is...

A simple pricing model that reflects our values to help support more R&D claims being done correctly.

We do not charge you to download the report. We do not charge you on the percentage of your clients benefit. 

Your monthly subscription fee will depend on the number of R&D tax relief claims you do a year this helps us ensure that even the smallest firms are given the opportunity to submit R&D claims and everyone pays a fair price.

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Custom Pricing Solution

The platform that empowers accountant

  • Add multiple organisations
  • Manage multiple clients & claims
  • Free and unlimited report downloads
  • Custom branding
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Chose to work together with your clients
  • Options for R&D consultant review
  • Request features/integrations
  • Free trial

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